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90% of smartphone users in the United States use their phones to search for local businesses (comScore)

You own a local business .........
  • Are you visible in online searches to your most likely customers in your area?
  • Are your online listings' accurate, consistent and up to date?
  • Are you staying competitive with big chains in your local area?
  • Is your branding working offline as well as online to attract and keep customers?
  • Are your online reviews and star rating acceptable and best ones on your website? 

Start taking control today from right where you are and turn searches into customers for life!!

The offers Local First Marketing make are a no brainer - and it solves the most painful problem for businesses today, attracting and keeping customers! 

What is "Local Marketing"

Why work with us?

Local First Manchester Community Network

Manchester Locally Owned Businesses

Put Your Business on The Map

Of course your business depends on making a profit. As you may know, there is a digital paradigm shift going on and the basics of attracting and keeping customers

 is shifting towards online search and SEO, reputation/review management and engagement on social media. The strategy to respond to this shift can be time consuming and tedious. Putting your business on the map by putting your best foot forward, so to speak, starts with aligning your offline brand with online brand that works together to help "connect the dots" to attract customers either through online searches as well, as potential customers recognizing your brand as they 

walk by and hopefully walk in to your business.

Are you consistently losing ground to your competition or gaining ground? Let our system do the heavy lifting to maximize your local exposure and to guarantee that you are gaining ground while you do what you do best, engage with your customers.

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What We Offer

Basic Local Services

  • Local SEO Services
  • Reputation Management
  • Hyper Local Exposure for Locally Owned
  • Loyalty Plans and Shared Resources
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Unlike other marketing agencies Local First Marketing helps you start right where you are to consistently attract and keep customers in a way that no other service can duplicate. Maximize your opportunities by getting control of the information about your business online getting found by shoppers on all digital devices aligned with your physical location and branding to be there when they need you most.  Maintain a consistent brand of your own or co-branded as locally owned with the Local First strategy. 

Why work with us?

Are they finding you or your competition first?

Our proven technology does the heavy lifting that targets local consumer behaviors of online search aligned with drive and walk by connections to retain them as customers for life. We help you target and your most likely buyers with an exclusive hyperlocal strategy and online directory exclusively for locally owned.. 

Depending on your budget and other factors that effect your marketing strategy and if you are a locally owned business in Manchester, New Hampshire, you can start right where you are with a hyper-local, hybrid solution. Register to to get hyper-local exposure to local consumers and visitors to Manchester with your business listing on the Local First Manchester Business Directory for locally owned businesses. It all  starts with registering as a user on LFM to get your listing, co-brand your business.  Maximize your hyper-local exposure and communicate with the Community with your Community Membership and be identified online with your co-branded badge on your website and Social Media pages.

Your exclusive SEO audit let's you look at your local online visibility now to get control of the content consumers are seeing, your ranking for the search terms consumers use to find what they need as well as and to maintain the reputation that you​ have earned. To get a better star rating use our system to get more reviews, monitor reviews and respond to them displaying the best reviews on your website all with consistency and cost effectiveness. 

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If your business is a location based shop, like a physical location store, office or restaurant where customers come to your place of business or if you go to the customer's location in your service area rather than have customers come to your location enter your business name and get your local SEO report now!  START HERE


Small local businesses face an increasingly uphill battle that threatens their long-term sustainability. The digital paradigm shift, use of voice search, GPS and Amazon's dominance brings new challenges. Technology is changing all the time but your time is valuable and your budget is limited. Getting found consistently in searches is critical to your sustainability. Don't let that be a barrier. It's about inbound marketing with a brand that aligns with your physical marketing on location that addresses the current search/shop behavior and differentiating from your competitors and big chains who have big budgets.

In a survey, 91% of consumers said they've turned to a business's competitor if the business’s listing didn't give good and accurate information and the website wasn’t optimized for mobile devices. 56% of on-the-go searches have local intent and 60% of consumers use mobile exclusively to make purchase decisions. 

They go right to their phones, wherever they are and expect accurate and robust information with good reviews and easy access to buy. And if they go there, are you easily identified with aligned branding. Are they finding you or a competitor first?

Found it!

So imagine it from a consumer's perspective. If they're on their phone searching for a place to shop or eat and click on "near me" or use voice search and they don't see what they want near the top of the page. Generally they just go to something near the top. Consider differentiating yourself as a locally owned business to be competitive with big chains.

Ok they find your restaurant business listing but it doesn't have the correct information. It's listing is under a different name, the address has changed, phone number is ok but there are no hours, menu (that they can read), pictures, specials, offers, online ordering, reservation link, branding that's aligned or good reviews. 

Hmmmmm.... They look for a menu and don't find one on the listing so they click on the restaurant’s website only to find the menu is tiny and the site is difficult to navigate and without any online ordering function. It isn't mobile optimized and a voice search is inconsistent. They move on to the next restaurant. 

Let's fix that,


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Get a look at how your business looks now!

Don’t just manage your data. Unlock your data to power your local marketing strategy and drive more customers to your location with our help. Make your data come to life and reach more customers at key digital touch points across multiple devices with local, relevant and accurate data that converts.

Are your business listings claimed, complete, accurate and visible on top search engines and directories? Are you Voice Search ready? Are you found on maps and GPS? What are you waiting for? Get your current score right now!!

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The Local First Strategy

We can take care of everything for you. Starting with our SEO audit and progress reporting to track local rankings, manage your reputation through review management, add 100s of citations that enhance your online visibility rank and see all other factors affecting your performance. This maximizes your local exposure by raising where you are positioned in search results. Your progress reports give us the ability to monitor your rankings in real time will put you ahead of lots of you're competition. 

Claiming your listings and verifying consistency and accuracy is a big factor in determining your positioning. We automate the process where needed and submit verified listings where Google and others consistently monitor and determine search results. With your local brick and motor locations or service area area based businesses we seamlessly get your local business found online with real-time submissions to a combination of national, local and niche business directories in our Data Amplifier Network to earn citations of your choosing. That network distributes and publishes data to a specific audience but deeper than you could ever reach on your own to turn searches into customers for life. 

Our network includes data aggregators, data accelerators like Apple Maps, Google, Yelp and Facebook, data enhancers like Chamber of Commerce, Judy’s Book and Superpages, GPS accelerators and a variety of vertical directories to create your score. 

We score you on your presence, accuracy and consistency as to where your score is effected the most and how the searches are done. Voice search ranking factors are more important than ever so we make sure your local business is voice search-ready. 

For Manchester businesses we offer a hyper-local Business Directory with your listing on your community website when you register. Your registration and and business listing you add identifies you as a local business for local consumers to choose Local First and see your offers and your advertisements. Registering grants you benefits in the Local Fist Community network that includes local offline to online advertising and group benefits.

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When they search for you.

If a business is not visible online, does it even exist? The Local citation sources we list you on helps increase the your business’ local online visibility, and therefore maximize your reach to a broader but targeted audience.

* Did you know that over 30% of clicks go to the top search result? 

Get top billing when prospective customers search for local products and services. They generally choose from the top businesses that are displayed. Maximizing your results is what we do and is based on a number of factors we specialize in.. 

With your visibility progress reports you can see how your local business is scoring and how you stack up online and compared to where you were and where you're headed .Maximizing your online presence starts right here. 

Local Business Pages on Google My Business, Bing and Yelp

We submit to the most important search engine listings, including Yelp, Bing Places and Google My Business. Our services include creating, claiming and ongoing optimization of local business listings. 

We make sure that the business’ NAP (name, address and phone number), hours of operation, photos, categories and other details are always accurate.

Local First Approach to Listing Management

We use a hybrid approach to local listing management . This means that we use a combination of APIs and manual submissions to claim, create and optimize business listings. 

As data partners with many of the directories in our Data Amplifier Network, we can submit and modify citations and listings simple, fast and in real time. A Real-Time Data Syndication Engine powers our technology.

Voice Search Readiness

We take local business into the future of local SEO: with voice search readiness. With our exclusive Data Amplifier Network, we make sure business is voice search-ready by distributing your information to data sources that submit to Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby and the Google Voice Assistant.

GPS Navigation & Mapping Apps

We distribute local business’ information to the most important mapping apps, including Apple, Here, Waze and TomTom. This allows businesses to get found online through a GPS map.

Top Data Aggregators

No listing management package is complete without the top four players. We submit your information to the four major data aggregators: Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze and Factual. Thanks to this, your client’s data will be distributed to a multitude of local search directories.

Local First Communities

 Local First offers local businesses in Manchester a hyper-local option for locally owned businesses to directly engage with local consumers while they are browsing the website built for their city, Manchester, Local First Manchester.

Our new online city guide made just for Manchester! www. features old school local news, real estate listings, restaurants, weather, visitor's guide, local business directory, calendar, reviews, and more. The perfect place to engage with local consumers.

We're always aligning and marketing locally owned businesses with our Local First Communities initiative in Manchester by providing great resources at group pricing for resources, co-branding identification for offline walk in, walk by and internal referrals and events exclusively for registered locally owned businesses in Manchester collectively and individually.

Your strategy blends well and can include getting found in search results individually with the Local First Marketing through Local Seo and Review management which includes exposure on top directories including Google My Business enhancements.

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REMEMBER 90% of smartphone users in the United States use their phones to search for local businesses (comScore)

  1. Are you maximizing your visibility with your best online presence, voice search readiness and GPS? 
  2. Can prospective and current customers find you when they search on their phone, tablet or desktop!
  3. Are you protecting and monitoring all aspects of your business's online image?

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"How can the World Wide Web help my local business which has local clients?"

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