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LFC - Memberships


Implementing your local marketing strategy is important to attract more local customers, build trust and credibility and keep them for life. Local First Communities does the heavy lifting for local businesses while you do what you do best, serve your customer.

Associate Membership

 As an Associate Member you have register on Local First Manchester and as a user you are able to post in the free areas. Locally owned businesses are entitled to a business listing on our Business Directory. After registering, create your listing and choose our LFC special to build your listing for approval. Insert your website address, attach a coupon and become an Associate member free for a limited time.

When you post your business listing in our Business Directory remember that the audience is targeted to Manchester residents, visitors and consumers who use Local First Manchester for easy access to relevant information about Manchester and the exclusive Business Directory for Locally Owned in Manchester plus free classified, event calendar and other relevant resources and are encouraged to think local first in Manchester. 

Basic Membership and ID Package.

With a listing and Basic ID package our locally owned heroes are positioned to attract local customers and keep them for life. Using our co-branded logo you are easily identified as locally owned and different from a big chain. Your Basic Membership will set you up for success and comes with a basic set of stickers, decals and entryway cling that identifies your business as a Local First Business Hero and a big part of the local economy and quality of life in Manchester.

Our local advertising in-store promotions help spread the word and introduces your customers to our network of locally owned businesses and their offerings. Take advantage of the Local First strategy and movement to consistently and cost effectively help us help you. Registering your customers gives them access to exclusive information pertaining to Manchester and the ability for our Local First Community family in Manchester to get easy access to all things Manchester. 

Pro Membership

With your Pro Membership you get access to your offline to online network and Local Channel for Manchester that connects you with us to keep you up to date, connects you with local consumers and introduces you to business services. A Pro Membership gives you the ability to put your local marketing plan on hyper-local drive. Manage all your appointments and orders through one simple, sleek calendar system and give your business the freedom to grow and be more competitive

Every Pro Member account comes with a free booking page that can be public or maintained in house manually and makes it easy for you to manage contact information for your clients, while keeping track of notes, appointments, and spending habits. The booking page lists your staff, services, availability and verified contact information. You have the option for customers to self-select the service they want at a time that’s convenient for them or enter it manually.

Imagine the possibilities

  • Local Customer Exchange is designed to engage Manchester customers and keep them for life. Ready to make consent-based marketing your best channel for customer acquisition? Start automatically engaging local consumers in Manchester and keep them as customers for life. We get you connected to local consumers who have consented to receive offers and are making local purchases and using local services already when you participate in the exchange. 

Use your Local Channel with booking software to use customer profiles. Get plugged in to be there when they need you. Your customers and can opt in to the exchange and receive offers from you and the network starting with a consent form and registration on Local First Manchester.  


Be there when the local customer is hungry and wants to order from you, when the local                 customer wants to book an appointment with you 24/7 or receive an estimate and be there           when the local customer wants to know more about your products and services 


  • Local Event Pass grants you access to relevant workshops, webinars, networking and business expos. Stay up to date and network with other locally owned business owners and participate with Business Expos for locally owned in Manchester.

  • Business Services Exchange includes free trials, discounts, fee waivers, rebates and more. Available are Automation tools to improve customer experience and control expenses ,  One time introduction video production time  to improve your exposure, Meeting space discount to meet with prospective customers and clients and an Online Community exclusively for locally owned business. Needs analysis and reporting for local SEO is available

Coming soon is our webstore to order extra decals and co branded materials and online badge.

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