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Why use Local First Marketing ? 

We get you the solutions you need?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find a good fit for digital marketing who’s as dedicated as you are for the success of your own business. It’s our belief that growing together gives us the freedom to be more. By working together we can help to bolster your business, provide you with an incredible marketing strategy, and provide you with the means to achieve your greatest ambitions. To learn more about our programs for both location/service area based businesses or non location based businesses. Get in touch with us today!

Top Reasons Local Businesses Choose Us

  • We save you time, money and the hassle of doing It yourself
  • We provide a free look at your online visibility 
  • We put you in control to edit and update listings
  • Check progress reports whenever you want
  • Maximize your search results cost effectively

  • Monitor reviews and see  how competitive you are
  • Generate targeted leads and keep them for life

Let Us Serve You

  • We strive to make personal connections with our customers in friendly and effective ways
  • We look to provide good information to help you make good decisions. 
  • We communicate truthfully, honestly and authentically. (We think that instills confidence in us. If you see an issue please ask questions we will answer honestly.)
  • We provide an evergreen resource to continually see the results of your online presence. 
  • As always, we help you attract new customers and keep your best ones cost effectively.
       Local First offers:
  •  SEO Services
  •  Digital Advertising
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Website Services
  • Chatbots
  • Add on Local Loyalty Plans

It's About Local

We are on your side !

We understand local businesses because we are a local business! We help you take the steps it takes for your local business to get more traffic to your website or through the door and create customers for life consistently and cost effectively.

With your Location and service area businesses it's about Local Listings. Customers are searching for local businesses online. We make sure yours is the one they find.

Our exclusive strategy gets your listings and website the attention and visibility it needs through a unique local marketing strategy that differs from the type of SEO we offer to non location based businesses and a hyper-local option in our own community of Manchester on our community website Local First Manchester.

Search engines like fresh content and value back links. Local First helps send out signals of local relevance and maximizes your organic search position to help you get found in searches when they need you. Remember that even though SEO is optimization for search engines, our local SEO strategy is what helps consumers find your location for walk in or services you offer in your service area.

What We Do For Your Local Business

We provide an exclusive visibility report for you to see where you are at now.

We then claim and optimize your Google My Business and Bing Places pages, including the Name, address, phone (NAP), hours of operation, business photos, business category, and other business details and accelerate submissions in real time.

These search engine giants account for more than 70% of all search traffic, so we want to make sure you are attracting new customers and keeping them with correct information you provide and report your progress with ongoing reporting.

What We Do For Your Non Location based Business

In the competition to get clicks, page visits, and links, SEO is arguably the most important variable. SEO is the process of making your website as valuable as possible to search engines like Google so that your page is among the top search results for certain keywords and phrases.

While SEO may have been a relatively unknown strategy for online visibility in years past, every business is now looking for ways to boost their SEO.

With people around the world using search engines to look up their every need, businesses in all industries are recognizing that they need to be the first name that comes up in the search results.

By working with us you are offered a variety of ways to build links (rather than buying links on authoritative sites -- seen by Google as a big problem!), we help your business grow in a way that offers more ROI in the long term while keeping your budget in mind in the short term.

Resulting In Your Peace Of Mind

Your business listing will then appear right when people are searching and shopping for your local products and services prominently displayed vs. your competition on Google, Maps and all the top search engines, review sites and local directories including on mobile devices and voice searches.

We make it easy to create and update your listing so you can stand out, bring customers in and keep them coming from wherever they find you.

What we know is that trends change all the time and when it comes to local SEO it’s more important than ever that you have a local first strategy. The most likely buyers in your service areas are likely searching for your products and services on their phone right now.

What you can expect from us is solid local strategies you can use now to help your business rank higher for local search terms. Local First Marketing focuses on these factors to assist your growth and sustainability.

How does your business  benefit?